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Pilot Training

Type rating Training

Multi-Crew Coöperation (MCC) Training

Jet Orientation Courses (JOC)

License Revalidations

Refresher Training

LPC/OPC checks

Instructor Courses,  SFI/TRI training

Non-technical training, Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Command training

Our professional training team will assist you with any training demand you may have and advise you on one of our large range of training products or in close contact with you we can develop a tailored solution fitting your specific needs. Training can of course be offered making use of the airline's standards and procedures.


We would be happy to discuss your training requirement and provide you with our solutions.


Training is scheduled based on your availability. You let us know when your crew is ready to commence the training.

More information?

Download Brochure

Download this leaflet about FSC's variaty of type rating training programs.